Based on a True Story





Guitar, Vocals: Tony Lyons

Guitar: Kevin Baxter

Bass Guitar: Tom Mansfield

Drums: Adam Rowe

All songs by Tony Lyons except To Be With You by Tony Lyons, Tom Mansfield & Roger Woodhouse


Hurdy-Gurdy: Damian Clarke
Cello: Hannah Jones
Violin: Ruby Udell


Aaron Preston, Abi McLaughlin, Antoni Szkyrpan, Arran Toolin, Archie Scott, Becky Bradbury, Ben Stoldolnic, Callum Grant, Callum Lackey, Ciaran Ramsbottom, Charlie Bindley-Ross, Dan Nicoll, Dan Weston, Elliot Barrow, Emily Plumridge, Finlay Wotherspoon, Hannah Millard, Hadyn Hamilton, Harry Staples, Jackson Seal, James Evans, James Laing, Joel Booker, Joe Palmer, Josh James, Khush Kathuria, Kian Earley, Kit Alcock, Lewis Moghul, Lily Burrows, Luke Ogden, Luke Preston, Madelyn Furmage, Max Hitchings, Max Temple, Max Varnham, Mikey Shearsby, Reuben Greenslade, Robert Millsop, Sam Lomas, Sam Staples, Samuel Wallace, Sean Coffield, Theo Virgo-Harris, Thomas Evans, Tom Casbeard, Will Cusack and Zoe Baylis-Swain



“Judas!” was the cry that met the man “Hey, I’m just trying to do the best I can” As the band took to the stage They were met with fear and rage Cos something died the night Bobby went electric Moving on was all the he could do In changing times the highway calls to you But as he faced down the crowd The cries all howled around Cos the whole world cried the night Bobby went electric It seems so strange to me That no one there could see They should’ve listened to the drums the night Bobby went electric


Last night in my dreams, Leadbelly came to me and said “Boy, why are you running?” Then he took me by the hand and said “You’ve gotta understand, it’s time to choose” Cos all my life, I’ve been running away So I’d love to stay with you, Everyday Our story has just begun Where did you sleep last night? Cos I saw the light and dreamt of a rising sun Cos all my life, I’ve been running away So will you lie with me So we can fall asleep And dream the whole night through I am born again and it’s thanks to my friend Leadbelly, his guitar And you


I passed you on the street just the other day With suspicion in your eyes you turned away But love proves that I can be your friend I’m holding out my hand for this to end Cos you’re the reason I’ve been waiting all these years I dived deep down and soared the skies until your light appeared You’ve got to leave it all behind Load the tape and press rewind And then we’re go Through staggering earthquakes, I’ll stand by your side Nations have broken but they can’t break our pride Til leaders show wisdom, our flags fly unfurled With love in our hearts, it’s you and me against the world Forget what went before cos we can never fail And at the end of this we’re gonna have a tale to tell We’re standing on the edge of all we see Together at last, just you & me


Now her time is drawing to a close, The curtain, it twitches as the stage-hand holds onto the rope This is the end The seats, threadbare and dusty, full for the last night Tonight all is forgotten, the battles lost and won Cos tonight is the last night And the final curtain call must be done


This is the place that I come to The place I can hide if I want to Bus ride that takes me down the dusty road Where the white lines come and fly by Long open road before me Leads up the coast, it calls me Towns & the lights of the night passing by Through the mist of my own reflection Blue perfect sky, sun’s arms open White horses play on the ocean Sand filled with heat, slips from under my feet As the wind whips the rocks on the shoreline Make sure my bags are packed in the car With my drums and my guitar Then drive til morning


Soldiers of fortune that don’t want a war Presidents denying they broke the law Protestors keeping a lid on their rage Locking tigers up in a cage Many a true word they’ll say in jest But they’ll be laughing at us with the rest Never say never seems easy to me Like building sandcastles right here in the sea


Take my hand, and my soul And this broken body, and make me whole Sooth my pain, heal my heart As I draw closer, to the dark Cos you’ve got the power You’ve got the power in you If I can’t speak, be my voice Tell my story say I had no choice Cos you’ve got the power You’ve got the power in you You’ve got the power of life in your hands


Take the best part of me and keep it for yourself And raise a glass to memories gathering dust on the shelf And come put your head next to me on the bed, and sleep and dream It’s hard to know the reason why, or find the answer to All the tragic characters with luck to burn right through I don’t know why, I even try - but I do, for you It’s not too late It’s not too late Cos true love waits So we’ll keep our spirits high & turn the lights down low And make the best, make do & mend and carry on the show No time for regret and never forget it’s you & me always It’s not too late It’s not too late Cos true love waits How we meet & part is fate All I know is true love waits


I’m falling out of time Fading like a star for you What can I do? And I wonder if you’d ever look my way Cos if you did I know I’d say I’d love to be with you And I wish that I could say How much I love the way You are when I see you And I wonder if I couldn’t turn away If I’d be brave enough to say I’d love to be with you I wish I Could ask you why You don’t see through The things I do So I will carry on the dream Until courage finally takes hold of me and then I’ll ask you, if you you’d take a chance Cos even though I’m clumsy in romance I’d love to be with you


Autumn shade bandstands left to rot in the park Drunks sleeping rough that are scared of the dark Sentries on duty that don’t want to fight Elderly heroes left alone in the night All of the men that couldn’t commit All of the rebels now gone legit Most of the stars up in the sky A face in the crowd passing by Goodbye bedroom DJ You should try to hide your love away All of the mountains, rivers and streams Now are all owned by Little England it seems How many raindrops must fall on the land To break their castles made of sand


Nightlights close their eyes and feel the cold Sunlight and these streets are paved with gold My Spies tonight we are set free (but the) Sunrise has beat us easily Oh, today – with my Band of Brothers Caught in the landslide And we’re tangled up in the dawn At the end of my glass my Soul is re-born It’s not so easy, to set the world alight The sweat & the tears we, have shed are here tonight Oh, today – with my Band of Brothers It’s my Band of Brothers It’s my bothers and I’ll do it for them and I’d do it again